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The lob is making way for the modern shag to make lobs feel fresh.

Lots of textured layers create a soft shape, which is perfect for curls and waves. And it works to give lift and volume to smooth styles.

Translation: It works for a range of hair textures. The shag is also ideal because it keeps its shape under hats and beanies better than long layers can.

Shaggy doesn't have to be extremely choppy. Get a softer effect with longer layers, but plenty of angling around your face with some curtain bangs.

The easy layers make it the perfect way to enhance waves. 

Medium Layered Hairstyles Women's Wavy S

'90s CHOP

While the 2010s were all about long, breezy waves, expect to see more stylized cuts in the '20s. That doesn’t have to mean high-maintenance, though.

This ’90s-inspired crop. “It was an era when hair was carefree and we didn’t overuse products or styling tools”. 

It followed the decade of hairspray and teasing, so it makes sense that it’s having a resurgence now that we're coming out of the era of chemically straightening.

For the lowest effort, to make sure to ask for a cut that enhances your natural texture and bring photos 

Summer is the perfect time to try a true pixie cut like Zoë Kravitz's. The angular almost-bangs make this cut feel both vintage and modern at the same time.

Mila Schon Clp Bis at Milan Fashion Week



Most of us admire the bold and risky women who rock short hairstyles. We LOVE styles that incorporate a women's natural curl pattern. This is where tapered cut comes in to play. Not only it's stylish, but a great transition style for some of you.

The tapered cut allows shorter sides and clean lines and leaves massive length in the top to achieve popular natural hairstyles such as twist-outs, rods, coils, and double-strand twists. 



While the term "layers" may bring to mind flashbacks of a choppy cut that needed heavy styling, the technique has had an overhaul in recent years and is now so much less work. "Invisible layers" are the secret for adding that whole cool-without-trying thing to your haircut in a totally modern way, no harsh layers in sight.The most modern variation of layering is a slight angle around your face, usually starting around your chin and working its way down to the length. 

The trick is to keep the layers long and seamless to take out weight, and add texture and volume without looking too obvious.

In addition to movement, another benefit of invisible layers is that they instantly define your face, and bring all the attention right to your cheekbones. How the hair frames and hits your face can completely change your overall face shape.




Not sure what to do with your hair?

Add a bang, bangs are popular on all lengths for 2020, but especially when paired with long layers.Together they flow seamlessly alongside the contour of your face, with the bangs bringing out your eyes.

A heavier bang edges up long layers without being too extreme. Choppy bangs draw attention right to your eyes and lend that vintage vibe, while long chandelier layers add definition but don't sacrifice length. You get the best of both worlds.

31 Sexy Styles That Might Convince You t


Baby bangs are big for 2020.

This short statement fringe typically follows the hairline temple to temple, to create a dramatic, short, open feel.

These work great for petite features to open up your face. 

We also suggest playing with the texture. These tend to work the greatest when they are a little more imperfect.

Metales maleables.jpeg


The strong bob also known as a blunt bob is on the rise in San Fransisco.

Cool is more important than sexy right now. Or rather, cool is the new sexy.

The strong bob works for any hair texture, but if yours is dense, ask your stylist to thin it out first.

Straight across bangs are perfect graphic compliment to a sharp bob. You can still have a high-impact bob even if it's not stick-straight, so ditch the hair dryer for a slightly more lived-in look.

Fresh Style of One Length Bob Haircuts f
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